David Smith

Hi, my name is David Smith. I am a Personal Protection Specialist with the Weapons, Agility, Serve and Protect (W.A.S.P.) Personal Protection Institute (P.P.I.). I will teach you the Real World Tactics (R.W.T.) that actually work in real life situations.

It is very important to realize that self-defense tactics and training have been changing and improving especially within the last ten years. At one time true effective self defense techniques were only for law enforcement and military personnel, but as crime has been rising and we read all the frightening newspaper headlines there is now a greater demand for effective self defense programs for the public.

Most so called self defense programs consist almost entirely (85%) of physical movements drawn from different martial arts systems. The Personal Protection Institute is not just another traditional Martial Arts approach. Our methods are based on logical thinking with practical, natural, common sense, self-defense techniques that employ simple movements of the human body. At P.P.I. you will learn to use these techniques in a variety of reality-based attack scenarios designed to improve the emotional and physical response to danger. The students will develop the ability to recognize danger at its earliest stages and react without hesitation.

At W.A.S.P. P.P.I., we concentrate on R.W.T. dealing with everyday situations that you may overlook until they happen to you, your friends or one of your family members. We cover critical thinking about defense strategies, powerful communications drills and easy-to-remember physical techniques. Each instructor respects and responds to your fears, concerns and will instill in every class member that you CAN act competently, decisively and take action for your on protection. Essentially a good course is based on intelligence and not muscle, allowing a person to connect with their strength and power.

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